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Little Shadow Productions is a full service production company that specializes in boutique production needs including web, commercials, theater and more.

Known for our specialization in the art of puppetry, we offer a broad scope of services to the entertainment industry for any type of project. Whether it’s building a puppet for your next project or creating viral videos, short films, or specialized theater productions, Little Shadow can do it for you, “turn key”. 

Need a service that you don’t see here?
Don’t worry, we love co-productions and are happy to collaborate with others to bring your ideas to fruition! Little Shadow is also available for your consulting and development needs. From pre-production on, we’re there to help make your dreams a reality.

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Our Story - Our Dream

Little Shadow Productions started to find its way in 2012 with the development of an original play called Zwerge. As the company was finding its footing in storytelling with a focus on social justice issues, the entertainment industry, particularly the world of puppetry, was suffering. The following year, Adventures of Liverwurst Girl was born. When Wyatt Cenac came knocking in 2014, Little Shadow put together a team to design, build and perform the puppets for his highly anticipated Netflix special,“Wyatt Cenac’s Brooklyn”. It was at this point that Little Shadow officially became established as a producing entity in the puppet world.

All along though, Jean Marie had a larger vision for Little Shadow.
Puppets, both large and small, will always be part of our DNA, but it is the people around them and that we are trying to reach and that are now our focus. Whether the storytelling take place through entertainment, workshops, or coaching, Little Shadow is there to help you look at your life. We’re not interested in taking up a lot of space, we’re interested in holding space for stories and services that must be shared. We are not interested in taking credit, we want to be there to shine some light. Our playmaking, screenwriting, general creative storytelling and healthy curiosity remains.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a diverse group of wildly experienced and newly budding professionals, working side by side to address change, new ideas and curiosity, while delivering great results. Like all living and breathing organisms, our teams grow and change based on the needs of each project and challenge before us. Below are a few people who are currently at the heart of things.

Jean Marie Keevins

Owner, Chief Dreamer and Dream Strategist

Jean Marie is a NYC-based, multi-hyphenate creative and business expert. Known in the arts as an Emmy-nominated supervisor, award-winning producer, writer, puppet artist and designer she is most proud of her role as an all around cheerleader and coach for those who work outside of the box and are on a mission.  

At Little Shadow, Jean Marie is chief creative visionary, business planner and team coach. Based on the knowledge gained working for companies such as Apple, Sesame Workshop, Disney and the like, coupled with her time moonlighting in hedge funds, Jean Marie understands what it’s like to serve the needs of a large engine. As a serial entrepreneur and someone who frequently serves and consults small businesses, Jean Marie also understands how to build and maintain the business itself. Her hybrid approach to her business and creativity is her secret sauce.

For Jean Marie’s extended bio, please click here.

Shatera McCallum

Associate and Light Bringer

Shatera is an up and coming producer out of Brooklyn, New York. She graduated in 2018 with her bachelors in Communication Technology, with a focus in Television Production. Producing is just one of her many talents along with writing, set dressing, web designing and many more. She has worked on major productions such as Emmy winning Netflix series “When They See Us” as well as HBO’s late night talk show “Wyatt Cenac Problem Areas”. Most recently, on Emmy nominated Apple TV+ & Sesame Workshop “Helpsters”. Outside of her professional work, she is involved in a movie campaign which she will be serving as the assistant director. 

Geert Ritgers

Puppet Playground monitor

Geert Rigters is a London based Theatre Professional, working as a performer, as well as many other jobs in the theatre industry. An aspiring puppeteer and puppet builder, his journey with monitor puppetry began in 2020 with Little Shadow Productions’ monitor skills classes with Noel MacNeal and he’s been enjoying courses at Little Shadow ever since. Geert is excited to help create an encouraging and inclusive play space for all participants!

Amy Rush

Logo Designer, Listener and Focus Bringer

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Jana Fabianova

Web Dev & Designer | Business Architect | UXUI

Jana is a full time web dev & designer with focus on WordPress, Branding, Business Architecture and UX/UI. Fluent in American English, German and Czech, she’s a US Permanent Resident and Czech Citizen. For more info visit her via LinkedIn or check out her company WP Wizzards.