We’re so thrilled to finally announce the launch of Little Shadow Academy!

Here are just a few of the workshops that we have planned for you.

As we continue to book additional workshops, we’d love to know what it is that you are curious about. What would you like to learn? The sky’s the limit! Drop me a line!

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SOCA DANCE MOVEMENT with Oneika PhillipsThe class will combine fun, Caribbean inspired movement with the pulsating sounds of Soca music. Soca is the music of Carnival that utilizes the pulsating rhythms of the African and East Indian diaspora of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean region.

27 minutes

This workshop is part of our Wellness Wednesday Series and is presented with SpringWorks Festival. Pay what you choose.
12PM ESTWebinar
Moving Mouth Hand Puppetry with Raymond CarrAlways loved the Muppets and “Sesame Street”. Jim Henson is your hero? Just learning about the breath of the storytelling that puppetry opens up for you? Call is “Muppet style”, “Henson style”, “moving mouth” it doesn’t matter to us. All reasons for wanting to learning more about Moving Mouth Hand Puppet Style Puppetry makes sense to us. In this workshop, veteran puppet builder and Jim Henson Company trained puppeteer, Raymond Carr, will explore the various ways that using this style of puppetry can work to your advantage. There will be lots of time for questions and answers, so join us! And pick Raymond’s brain.
How to Effectively Communicate with Your ClientsCommunicating with your clients and potential clients doesn’t have to be mysterious or scary. It also doesn’t need to be laborious. Join Jean Marie Keevins for an evening designed to simplify your communication approach and the way you do business. 

This workshop is appropriate for those inside and outside of the worlds of art and puppetry. All are welcome.

Part of our “Happy Hour Tune Up” series.
8pm etZoom
Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching with Alexis MilliganShake off some Deep Winter Blues! Get your heart rate up, sweat a little, all from the comfort of your own home and with your camera turned off. In this class we will do a simple warm up, learn a little combination you can do in your kitchen to any song you love, and cool down with a gentle stretch.
27 minutes
This workshop is part of our Wellness Wednesday Series: “Dance it Out, Move it In, Zoom ‘n Wellness” and is presented with SpringWorksFestival. Pay what you choose.
12PM ESTZoom
Making Your Budget & Negotiating Your PriceMaking a budget to figure out what to charge doesn’t have to be wildly complicate. Once you understand your fee or price, you’ll need to negotiate. It is possible for everyone to get what they want. So, let’s review some tips and tricks to get you and your clients/customers/audiences exactly what you need.

This workshop is appropriate for those inside and outside of the worlds of art and puppetry. All are welcome.

Part of our “Happy Hour Tune Ups” series. 45 Minutes
8PM etZoom
via Zoom
What is a Communication Strategy & Why Do You Need OneAre you struggling to reach your audiences? Don’t know where to begin when trying to market your shows?

Today’s media landscape requires deliberate messaging to reach fragmented audiences across multiple platforms in order to accomplish the goals of your organization.

Join Mike Chann as he walks you through developing your own communication strategy to identify key stakeholders and purposeful ways to reach them. 

Part of our “Happy Hour Tune Ups” series.
8PM etZoom
via Zoom
Office Hours with Jean Marie KeevinsWant to chat with producer & artist Jean Marie Keevins? Consider your points of pain and come ready to get answers to some of your professional and creative challenges. Ask Jean Marie for the tips and tricks that you need in order to develop your creative process and make a sustainable living at a it. 

90 minutes
8:30PM etZoom
via Zoom
Sketch Writing for Puppeteers & Beyond with Erik KuskaSketch Writing is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. Once you understand its mechanics, sketch can be repurposed toward various puppetry projects like slam pieces, or library shows, and its benefits go far beyond that. In this workshop, Erik will cover the basics of “What is SKETCH?” as well as giving you early pointers on How to WRITE sketch.

2 hours
2PM etZoom
via Zoom

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“When you learn, teach. When you get, give”.

~Maya angelou


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