Adventures of Liverwurst Girl

A short film or a sizzle… either way, it’s fun!

Bullies are taking over Gorgonzola Hill Elementary and only Louisa May Kelly can stop them. Transformed by her favorite liverwurst sandwiches, and unstopped by her boisterous clumsiness, she becomes the superhero Liverwurst Girl — sworn protector of bullied kids. Sausage and Self-esteem! Brats and Brawn! Chorizo and Chutzpah! (Okay, so her tagline stinks, but she’s working on it.)


My Hero Film Festival



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More of our Superhero’s

(…and some behind the scene’s photos!)

With such projects as “The Muppets”, “Helpsters”, “Sesame Street”, “The Electric Company”, “Between the Lions”, “Blue’s Room” “Johnny and the Sprites”, “Crash & Bernstein” and other adventures in children’s entertainment under their belts, this group of crazy talented artists are ready for action.

Right to Left, Back to Front: Martin P. Robinson (Director), Nate Wilson (Puppet Designer, Lead Puppet Builder & Wrangler), Brendan Ye Fu Tay (Sets & Prop Builder), Michael Bush (Art Director & Production Designer), Chris Sassano (Sound Designer), Jason Nowakowski (Production Assistant), Thomas Getchall (Art Department PA), Travis Lope (Production Assistant), Jean Marie Keevins (Creator & Executive Producer), Ryan Gibeau (Cinematographer c/o Rock*it Films), Stacey Weingarden (Wrangler & Puppet Builder), Liz Hara (Writer, Puppet Builder & Puppeteer), Brianne Stewart (Script Supervisor), James Godwin (Puppeteer), Melissa Creighton (Puppeteer) and Caitlin Shirts (Production Assistant).

Not pictured: Tim Lagasse (Advisor), Pam Arciero (Puppeteer), Matt Brennan (Puppet Builder), Brian Carson (Puppet Builder), Steph Cathro (Puppet Builder), Ceili Clemens (Puppet Builder), Carole D’Agostino (Puppet Builder), Isabelle DuFour (Puppet Builder), Henri Ewaskio (Puppet Builder), ALex Griffin (Editor), Colette Nickola (Puppet Builder & Graphic Designer), Jeffery Price (On Set Photographer), H.D. Quinn (Voice Over), Paul Rudolph (Composer), Diana Schoenbrun (Puppet Builder), Sally Thomas (Set Builder), David Valentine (Puppet Builder), Sara Wilson (Production Associate), Gella Zella (Editor).

Special Thanks to Our Supporters

The Jim Henson Foundation for supporting this concept from the beginning and the late Jane Henson for always believing in the power of our little lady and her anti-bullying mission. The Fusebox Festival and Trouble Puppet for giving us a start, Puppet Heap for letting us take over at times, building tiny puppets at all hours, and to the National Puppetry Conference at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center for your love and support of our liverwurst-loving superhero. Also, thank you to Alice Kahn for sitting down with a stranger and talking her through what would have been some big unknowns. We are so grateful to have you, and so many more in our corner.

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