All Hallows Eve

A love song to Halloween
Photo: “All Hallow’s Eve Invite” Directed & Designed by Martin P. Robinson; Cast includes Jen Barnhart, Tyler Bunch, Austin Costello, Spencer Lott, Paul McGinnis, Sam Gold & Haley Jenkins; dress rehearsal photographed: Thursday, February 15, 2018 The Rufus & Margo Rose Barn Theater at Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Waterford, CT. Photograph by Richard Termine © 2018 Richard Termine.

All Hallows Eve is a gothic opera taking inspiration from Grand Giugnol theatrical style: featuring over the top characters performed in a naturalistic way, horrendous situations played out to the extreme where emotion, the word and movement are inextricably linked… a no holds barred approach to Halloween, with a whole lot of blood packs required.

“All Hallows Eve is a love song to my childhood love of Halloween and incorporates all my favorite, darkest themes as an adult”. ~ Martin P. Robinson, creator (“Sesame Street” and Little Shop of Horrors).

Special Thanks to Our Supporters

Thank you for all that participated in our Kickstarter campaign and various fundraising events, particularly Bob Marty.

All Hallows Eve is the proud participant of a Jim Henson Foundation Seed Grant.


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