Coaching and Consulting

Whether you’re considering integrating puppetry into an idea
or simply need to purchase or rent a puppet, Little Shadow is here to help if you need a brief Brainstorm,
Production Coaching Advice, information and advice about Puppet Rentals or Generic Consultation.
We’ve assisted and helped many creators during our career.
Feel free to read the reviews here.

Accountability Lab for Puppet Artists

Starting November 22nd 2022 - February 23rd 2023

Feeling unmotivated?
A little lost on the next steps?
Don’t want the year to slip by without moving forward?

WHAT YOU’LL GET: The hard skills and the soft skills and most importantly, accountability.


  • Weekly digital lessons with PDF downloads available 5 days prior to session.
  • Weekly 1 hour group sessions for 14 weeks via Zoom*. 
  • Recording of each week’s session available for three weeks after the session.
  • Access to the closed group forum for sharing, questions and checking in.
  • Discounted private coaching sessions with Jean Marie Keevins

    *Most sessions will be lead by Jean Marie Keevins.  Some sessions will have a guest coach. 


  • Approximately 10 minute weekly accountability check ins
  • Approximately 10 minute lesson reviews 
  • Approximately 35 minute loveseat coaching 
  • Session Review and accountability goals

One $600 payment or four monthly payments of $175

Please select Your preferred payment schedule here:

*Most sessions will be led by Jean Marie Keevins.
One or two sessions will be led by a guest coach relevant to the needs of the group.
**New York State Residents will incur sales tax.
***Payments will automatically be deducted from the card on record.
If a payment is missed, the artist’s participation will be placed on hold.
****Limited number of scholarships available. Request Info Here.

Idea Brainstorming

You’d like to integrate puppetry into an idea, but don’t know where to start.

Production Coaching

Our team is happy to help you figure it out. If you’ve got an upcoming commercial, play, music video, or who knows what, reach out and let’s have a quick chat. If we can help, we will! If we can’t, we’ll try to connect you to someone who can.

Puppet Rentals

You’re project is happening! Huzzah! Now what? Our consultants will walk you through everything that you need to know in terms of putting together a show with puppets. Who do you need? What do they do? How long do things take to accomplish?
You need a puppet now! While we aren’t going to make you a puppet overnight, (puppet building is an art form) we are happy to help you find what you need. We have some rental puppets of our own in house, and agreements with puppet builders all over to get you what you need, when you need it.

Generic Consultation

If you like our style, ethos or practice, and are a feeling a little lost, please reach out regarding general wellness, life and career coaching. We started with puppets, but we’ve become so much more. (We help people too)!


“When I first reached out to Jean Marie I was completely stuck. Little did I know she was a guardian angel. I had no idea how to move forward with my project, and every time I tried to I felt overwhelmed and terrified. I was afraid to take the next step because what if I messed it up”?
Adam Sendler
“Jean Marie not only helped me move forward, but she was able to break things down in a way I, (a fool), could understand and then walked me through each step, giving multiple options and helping me weigh them. She helped me find the confidence to dive in and not be afraid to make mistakes”.
Mila Kunis
“Without her I would not still be doing what I am doing. She helped open doors I thought impossible to open. More importantly, though, is she gave me the advice and skills to walk through those doors and make it matter”.
Mike Stuart
“I cannot recommend Jean Marie highly enough. She will give you a clear and concise vision when you have none. She is incredibly professional, but more refreshingly, she is kind and humorous when working with her clients. I will always be indebted to her. Jean Marie, thank you”.
Kevin Kelly

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