Edwin Salas & Claude LaPointe In Conversation

World renown puppet artist, Edwin Salas (Mexico / North Carolina), discusses his practices
of creating art through trauma with NLP practitioner, Claude Lapointe (Montreal, Canada). This conversation delved into challenging material and looked at theater through a very specific artist’s eyes.

This event is presented as part of our “Puppet Tuesday” series.

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About The Speakers

Edwin Salas

Director / Creator

Edwin Salas is dedicated to introducing the world of puppetry, theater, and dance to make dark worlds and talk about difficult themes from the personal to political. Build Puppets in wood or other materials, its teacher of puppetry, puppeteer, writer, dancer, and actor.
In the last 20 years, I have been able to perform in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland,
Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, the United States, and Taiwan.
Works that are my authorship are with Paper Witchcraft: Ecce uovo, Histories of the color of the earth, Cocorí, Obraztov’s Nightmare, Traveling Museum of living beings, Pictures of an exhibition that was made with the Sinaloa symphony orchestra in the 2009, Alicia’s Golden Moments, El Circo Flaco, El Arca, Bienaventurados, which was made thanks to the scholarship of scenic creators A 2009 –FONCA-, this same show is selected for “V Encounter of the Performing Arts” 2011 –FONCA- . Works with Kaput Project: Hansel and Gretel, The Falling Love that was made thanks to the support of Eprodanza -INBA-CONACULTA-, was in the Manuel M Ponce room of the Palacio de
Bellas Artes and invited on the 30th anniversary of the MEXICO FESTIVAL OF THE HISTORICAL CENTER, Margarita and IL CORPO with the company “Butoh Chilango” Co-production of the Macbeth of 同黨 劇團 “The Party Theater Group” in Taiwan in 2013, Before the red, black ant night of Apoc Apoc dance in 2012, Training for “Laika” by Rodolfo Guerrero, “The boy and the bull” by Alberto de Leon, Without cinema or with live Puppet cinema, I directed “Los valles de Urikubo” by La Gaviota Teatro.
In 2015, his first book “Direct Action Puppet Mechanisms” came out, which has been sold in many places in America, some places in Europe and Asia.
In 2016 premiere “Maya Genocide: take and eat the Eucharist of Evil” thanks to Fonca, “Algorithm
Peter Pan” with Apoc Apoc dance, FAUSTO co-production Mexico-Colombia.
In 2017 I participate in creating and animating the puppet with which one of the greatest
representatives of Butoh in Japan, Taketeru Kudo, makes a duet in his show “From love to Terror”
In 2017, he moved to Asheville in North Carolina, where he collaborates with ACDT in three works.
In 2018 he participates in the Fringe Festival, where he receives the “Out of Rules” award, in this same year, he produces the puppets and performs for the ACA play Bugs.
He premieres the play “Seven Deadly Sins in the Border”, his first fully produced personal work in
the United States, which talks about the border problem. In 2019 he presented this work in
Puppeteers of America with great success.

In 2020 Edwin did the most personal permance about the murdered of his mother, ̈Dracula killed
my Mom ̈vtook two imprtant awards in Fringe festival.
Edwin Salas taught the workshop “Political Theater with Puppets” at the O’Neill Theater Center as a guest teacher for the Puppet Conference in 2020.
Right now he is experimenting in the world of multimedia with puppets and animated objects.

instagram: @edwinsalasart
Youtube channel

Claude LaPointe

For the past 30 years, Claude Lapointe has taught and practiced NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) with musicians, visual artists, actors, puppeteers and business people. She studied stage direction at Ottawa University and published an essay on André Brassard’s theater productions. (VLB, 1989). Claude also writes every year a puppet short adaptation of a classic for a mouse and a cat at Casteliers Puppet Festival in Montreal.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

~Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

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