Happy Hour Tune Ups

You are not your resume. You are your work.

~Seth godin

Tuesdays Are For Tuning Up Your Business Assets

Why shouldn’t it be your happy hour?

You blink and it’s 2021. Is your bio updated? Is your portfolio ready? Do you still need a logo? How’s your reel? What does your LinkedIn look like?


Editing Your Reel for Maximum Impact

Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 8PM EST via Zoom

How well does your reel present you, your work, and your potential? Are you struggling with not having “enough” footage, or deciding what to use? If you’re a writer, director, filmmaker, performer, etc., this workshop will help you create an engaging reel to get you noticed. (Approximately 60 minutes, with instructor, Alex Griffin).

Workshop Fee $15 USD

Writing an Engaging Bio

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020, 8PM EST via Zoom

You’re looking for a job, but no one seems to be looking at you? You know where you want to go and it’s not where you are?  You can talk up everyone else, but not yourself?  Start refreshing your assets for 2021 with this first workshop in our “Happy Hour Tune Up” series.  Learn to write a short engaging bio that moves your forward to where you want to be, not necessarily where others see you. Let’s move out of 2020 together. (Approximately 45 minutes, with instructor, Jean Marie Keevins).

Workshop Fee FREE (You will be sent to a registration survey, rather than the shopping cart for this event only).

Using LinkedIn Strategically

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020, 8PM EST via Zoom

If you are a job seeker, you know you are supposed to use LinkedIn. You’ve had a profile for years and never knew what to do with it. You want a profile that will work to your advantage and you want to know why LinkedIn is the job search tool of choice.

Workshop Fee $15 USD

Workshop Instructors

“Editing your Reel for Maximum Impact” with Alex Griffin

Alex U. Griffin is an award-winning cinematographer, editor, and director based out of Los Angeles. Alex has worked on everything from feature and short films to commercials and branded content. A passion for both compelling imagery and performance has led him to a specialize in films utilizing practical effects and puppetry as storytelling devices.

Active in the puppet community, Alex is a Film Coordinator for Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams film series and Vice President of both the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry and Puppeteers of America. Writing about puppet films and other happenings, and produces the biennial Reel Puppetry Film Fest and the yearly 48hr Puppet Film Project.  (www.alexugriffin.com)

“Writing an Engaging Bio” with Jean Marie Keevins

Jean Marie Keevins is a NYC-based, multi-hyphenate creative and business expert. Known in the arts as an Emmy-nominated supervisor, award-winning producer, writer, puppet artist and designer she is most proud of her role as an all around cheerleader and coach for those who work outside of the box and are on a mission.  

At Little Shadow, Jean Marie is chief creative visionary, business planner and team coach. Based on the knowledge gained working for companies such as Apple, Sesame Workshop, Disney and the like, coupled with her time moonlighting in hedge funds, Jean Marie understands what it’s like to serve the needs of a large engine. As serial entrepreneur and someone who frequently serves and consults small businesses, Jean Marie also understands how to build and maintain the business itself. Her hybrid approach to her business and creativity is her secret sauce.  (JeanMarieNY.com)

“Using LinkedIn Strategically” with Lora Poepping

Lora Poepping has over 20+ years in HR, and 6+ years in business. Her industry experience includes work at Deloitte, PwC, Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Senior Living and various Seattle startups. Her expertise is focused on Job search, outplacement, on-boarding, recruiting, trailing spouse services, diversity, internship programs and LinkedIn. She is the president of Plum. (https://plumseattle.com/)

As we continue to book additional workshops, we’d love to know what it is that you are curious about. What would you like to learn? The sky’s the limit! Drop me a line!

Sorry for the tune up between time, but what the hell, cowboys are the only ones who stay in tune anyway…

~Jimmy Hendrix

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