Heather Henson & Jean Marie Keevins In Conversation

The one who has a good friend doesn’t need any mirror


Heather Henson and Jean Marie Keevins have been friends for many years. They share similar desires to create space for change through storytelling and by sharing the mic with others. They share a deep love for the planet and all who inhabit it. Activist, allies and artists, these two friends invite you to join them for an evening of intimate conversation about what’s on their minds.

This event is presented as part of our “Share The Mic Monday’s” series.


In an effort to keep paying it forward, each artist has chosen a cause to support. In exchange for this conversation, please consider donating to either or both of these charities or amplifying their message.

Heather Henson supports the incredible work of the International Crane Foundation. https://www.savingcranes.org/

Jean Marie Keevins supports the Allelu Kurten Generous Spirit Award at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. The Scholarship supports artists who’s creative pursuits are steeped in her spirit of kindness, community and understanding. https://www.theoneill.org/pup

About The Speakers

HEATHER HENSON is an ardent advocate for the environment and the art of puppetry. Henson created IBEX Puppetry, a multi-platform production company to support her interests in health and healing for the planet by creating various art-driven projects. She blends the disciplines of visual art, environmental education, theater, and community engagement to create immersive, interactive presentations that engage all of the senses and awaken the soul. Past projects include: Ajijaak on Turtle Island, Harmonious Migrations, Crane: On Earth, In Sky, Endangered Species Parade, Celebration of Flight, FLIGHT: A Crane’s Story, and the UNIMA Citation of Excellence-winning stage show Panther and Crane. In addition to her theater & parade work, she has produced a puppet film series called Handmade Puppet Dreams with over nine volumes currently. She has also created the Puppet Slam Network, featuring about 50 puppet producing venues. Heather is a Trustee for the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, sits on the Board of Directors for The Jim Henson Legacy, and is a Board Member Emeritus of The International Crane Foundation.

Jean Marie Keevins is a NYC-based, multi-hyphenate creative and business expert. Known in the arts as an Emmy-nominated supervisor, award-winning producer, writer, puppet artist and designer, she is most proud of her role as an all around cheerleader and coach for those who work outside of the box and are on a mission.  

At Little Shadow, Jean Marie is chief creative visionary, business planner and team coach. Based on the knowledge gained working for companies such as Apple, Sesame Workshop, Disney and the like, coupled with her time moonlighting in hedge funds, Jean Marie understands what it’s like to serve the needs of a large engine. As a serial entrepreneur and someone who frequently serves and consults small businesses, Jean Marie also understands how to build and maintain the business itself. Her hybrid approach to her business and creativity is her secret sauce.

For Jean Marie’s extended bio, please click here.

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“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

~Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation
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