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There’s a lot to talk about, a lot to do. So, let’s get into it.

Lil’ Talks was created to address our infinite curiosity and deeply rooted intent to incite exciting and necessary conversation. It’s pretty simple. There is room for change and growth. When we talk, exploring our questions and truths everything becomes possible. So let’s talk.

Directors Georgina & Escobar and Maija Garcia In ConversationJoin us for a fascinating evening of conversation as these extraordinary women explore the “ecospheric consciousness” of the theatre maker and so much more.

This workshop is presented as part of our Share the Mic Monday’s Series.

8PM ETZoom

Financial Fridays

Our “Little Questions, Big Thoughts” is being complimented with a “Five Questions Friday” TAKE OVER. This fall, “Financial Fridays” will address the growing financial and career concerns in this country, with a focus on our friends in the arts. We’ll ask the experts your questions in an attempt to get you the advice and clarity that we all need. ON @LilQuestionsBigThoughts InstagramLive

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Coming this Winter

We are currently developing the “Heaven and Earth” series focused on the intersections of ecology, urban renewal and design.

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