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There’s a lot to talk about, a lot to do. So, let’s get into it.

Lil’ Talks was created to address our infinite curiosity and deeply rooted intent to incite exciting and necessary conversation. It’s pretty simple. There is room for change and growth. When we talk, exploring our questions and truths everything becomes possible. So let’s talk.

Amy Oestreicher & Jean Marie Keevins In ConversationAmy & Jean Marie start and end their days in gratitude. In between, they both try to make art, make a living and love the lives they’ve been given. This evening will start with a 20 minute teaching by Amy, followed by 25 minutes of the two women in conversation. The evening will close with a brief Q&A.

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Two strong female composers and storytellers originally from opposites sides of the globe meet for the first time. Both are studied, cultured with very clear and sophisticated points of view matched with a healthy dose of curiosity. Join us for what promises to be a riveting discussion. 

Science, spirituality, art and our bodies tell us that we need to MOVE. In the winter of 2020, with a world caught in quarantine, the people at SpringWorks Festival and Little Shadow Productions got to talking. “What if we could help people stop working and get moving, even if for a few moments”? From that, our dance and movement wellness series was born. During this conversation, our movement instructors, some of the best of the world stage, film and television, discuss why we all must move. Our ability, size or disability does not matter. We must move our minds, our bodies and spirits for the health of everyone.

Heather Henson and Jean Marie Keevins have been friends for many years. They share similar desires to create space for change through storytelling and by sharing the mic with others. They share a deep love for the planet and all who inhabit it. Activist, allies and artists, these two friends invite you to join them for an evening of intimate conversation about what’s on their minds.

The world of puppetry is ever-evolving. Throughout the globe, modern puppetry is often showcased through festivals and exhibitions. In an intimate conversation, veteran presenters and artists, Nancy Staub and Leslee Asch will discuss the genesis of many of programs we have come to know and love, as well as their hopes for their stewardship into the future. 

Join us for a fascinating evening of conversation as these extraordinary women explore the “ecospheric consciousness” of the theatre maker. Georgina Escobar and Maija Garcia also delve into how the entertainment industry will respond to the call for responsive anti-racist practices – from fundraising, to commissioning, to developing and producing American theater. What new paradigms must be introduced and integrated, who are the gatekeepers, and what role does spirituality and/or eco-spheric consciousness play in the realm of art making? There’s so much to discuss.

Financial Fridays

Our “Little Questions, Big Thoughts” blog/vlog was complimented with a “Five Questions Friday” TAKE OVER. This past fall, “Financial Fridays” will addressed the growing financial and career concerns in this country, with a focus on our friends in the arts. We asked the experts your questions in an attempt to get you the advice and clarity that we all need. ON @LilQuestionsBigThoughts InstagramLive

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We are currently developing the “Heaven and Earth” series focused on the intersections of ecology, urban renewal and design.

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