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PUPPET TUESDAYS “LIVE” will be back in the fall.

This summer, head over to “Puppet Tuesday’s On Demand” and enjoy your favorite artists in conversation at your finger tips.

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Our Sponsored Events

“She’s Launching” is a FREE recorded one day event celebrating the power of female entrepreneurship and new ideas with a focus on new endeavors and product launches.  The event closed with coach, artist and author Jean Marie Keevins, in conversation with her dear friend colleague, NAACP AWARD-winning Actor, Malik Yoba, in celebration of her first e-book launch.


This free conversation series is meant to shine on a light on a variety of topics and important movements. The speakers of our “Share the Mic” series forgo their fee in favor of highlighting a cause important to them. This is just one of our efforts to shine our light on others. Please find these talks archived, free of charge on our YouTube Channel below. In return, please consider donating to or amplifying the message of the organizations that our artists have highlighted. Let’s share the mic.


On Fridays, when our schedules permit, we try to mix it up a bit and serve our community in as holistic a fashion as we can. What do we need? What else are we interested? Where do our lives intersect? Through our Little Questions, Big Thoughts blog, we say what we need to say – but on FRIDAYS, we ask people that we are fascinated by 5 interesting questions. Check that below.

Also, our Financial Fridays series was created to help demystify the worlds of personal and professional finance for artists and those in our community. Fridays are a great time to reflect.


Our “Little Questions, Big Thoughts” is being complimented with a “Five Questions Friday” TAKE OVER. This fall, “Financial Fridays” will address the growing financial and career concerns in this country, with a focus on our friends in the arts. We’ll ask the experts your questions in an attempt to get you the advice and clarity that we all need.

ON @LilQuestionsBigThoughts InstagramLive


On Friday, September 2nd, we’ll talk with veteran puppeteer, artist and filmmaker, Raymond Carr. It’s “5 Questions Friday”! (“Financial Friday’s” are on hold for Labor Day weekend. And no. The irony is not lost on us). Make sure that you’ve signed up for the “Little Questions, Big Thoughts” blog updates or follow us on Instagram at @lilquestionsbigthoughts.

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In early 2021 we launched our free for all “Share the Mic Monday’s Series” web series as well as rebooting our Little Questions Big Thoughts Blog. By the Spring, we launched our YouTube Channel featuring new programming and a look back our Financial Friday’s chats from Fall 2020. And now, we’ve launched our “pay what you can” “Puppet Tuesday’s” puppet artist talk series featuring artists from around the world, in conversation with people that they are curious about. JOIN US!

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