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Aanika’s Elephants

Aanika’s Elephants is the story of a young African girl who meets a baby elephant (Little) at the orphanage where her father works.  They grow together the way only two young girls can, even if one has a trunk.  When Aanika’s father dies, she becomes the ward of an abusive uncle.  She flees into the African Savannah making one final farewell to Little.  Camping that night in the bush the way her father taught her, she is frightened by crashing branches and discovers Little has followed her.  They become a herd of two, working together to survive and steer clear of humanity.  Adopted by a small herd of elephants, Aanika learns their very beautiful, civil ways.  She is finally tested when she must save her new family from poachers.  

In a time when children are feeling so much division and stress, Aanika’s Elephants is a play about compassion, love and conservation. It’s a story that shows how family can be anything — a beloved, widowed father or even a herd of elephants. The audience can use their imaginations to fill in the large rattan-framed elephants, adorable baby elephant and people represented by just hats and gloves.  With music, a variety of puppets and humor, Aanika’s Elephants entertains and educates both adults and children on the plight of the elephant and our world.

TOUR DATES to follow

Jim Henson Foundation
Ridgefield Theater Barn
Tryon Arts Center
Center for Puppet Arts

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Aanika’s Elephants

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