Sketch Writing for Puppetry & Beyond with Erik Kuska – 05/01/21



2 hours

The time and effort you put into writing has benefits well beyond your puppetry.  And this workshop will make you a better writer. PERIOD.  Sketch Writing is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. And once you understand its mechanics, sketch can be repurposed toward various puppetry projects like slam pieces, or library shows, and its benefits go far beyond that.

Erik will cover the basics of What is SKETCH? as well as
giving you early pointers on How to WRITE sketch.
No experience required – just an open mind as Ill be throwing many approaches and examples at you, that I’ve acquired from going through sketch comedy
programs in LA, and from putting up my own sketch shows, and from leading writers rooms at WB. We’ll also cover the power of a ‘group mind’, and how it
can, when harnessed correctly, can bring great dividends to your work.

Bring pen and paper to take notes, as we’ll be cramming LOTS of new ideas into that noggin of yours. And we’ll write up a storm of ideas – both good and bad, because writing is not about precision, it’s about get something down on paper, and then rewriting. And rewriting.. again and again and again…

So, join us and become a better writer!

Your puppetry (and audience) will THANK you.


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